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SB-Axx1 Digital Audio Processor

Create Add-Ons

Want a speaker that does exactly what you want? Yes you can! Add all sorts of interesting functions that utilize your iRoar’s hardware – pushing its capabilities, pushing your limitless, innovative imagination. With Add-Ons, you can control everything from what you want to display, the sound from your iRoar, to actions that trigger it. Create your own innovative Add-Ons with the iRoar SDK. Join the iRoar community today!

Add-Ons are software applications that run on the iRoar, and continue to work even if your phone is not connected. Creating your own Add-On is easy with simple scripts and tools included in the SDK. Apart from controlling the speaker, we have enabled you to remotely load and configure Add-Ons through the Dashboard mobile app. Browse the Add-Ons that are available, or jumpstart with our tutorials.

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Make Companion Products

Want to extend the limits of your speaker? Yes you can! The iRoar is the first customizable speaker on this planet that has a docking expansion port, enabling you to connect your own hardware to it. With the iRoar DDK, you can make your own companion products for the iRoar – adding limitless capabilities, powering innovations that pushes the boundaries of your audio listening experience.

We have specially engineered the iRoar DDK to be easily configurable – stream your online music library, amplify your preferred audio range, or personalize your setup, you decide.

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iRoar Docking Developer Kit
The iRoar DDK includes a docking PCB with schematics, detailed mechanical drawings, as well as documentation to guide you to build your iRoar companion product. Join our mailing list and get notified when it is available!


The iRoar SDK Developer Preview is released
We have just released the iRoar SDK Developer Preview with tools and documentation necessary for you to build applications for the iRoar. You can also browse the source code of many different Add-Ons included..
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