What Are Add-Ons?

Add-Ons enable you to create your very own custom speaker that matches your needs and wants. For example, you could create an audaciously loud alarm clock, or a virtual DJ that plays your party mix, or a conversation recorder, or share any of your music performances through Add-Ons.

What can Add-Ons control?

With the iRoar SDK, you will be able to create Add-Ons that controls iRoar’s playback and recording of audio, schedule alarms, detect changes in accelerometer or port connections, control audio effects such as the Equalizer, Mic Beam, Roar, and more. Apart from controlling the speaker, we have enabled you to create a graphical user interface (GUI) for your Android or iOS mobile device to control the Add-On remotely.

Is it easy to create an add-on?

Programming the Add-On is easy. The scripting language for Add-Ons is simple and typeless, with syntax similar to C. For the GUI on the mobile device, it can be easily created with html. In the iRoar SDK, we have included tutorials to help you jumpstart, and various tools to help your build and debug Add-Ons. Browse the Add-Ons that are available, or build your own with the free iRoar SDK.

How do I install Add-Ons?

You can easily install and manage the Add-Ons from the iRoar Dashboard app, available on the Google and Apple App Stores. To enable Add-Ons, you will need to insert a microSD card into your iRoar. This card stores all Add-Ons you have installed. The installed Add-Ons uses memory from the iRoar to run, hence the number of Add-Ons you can install is limited by the available memory on the iRoar and storage space on your microSD card.

What are IPKs?

The iRoar application package (IPK) is the package file format used to distribute and install an Add-On. An IPK file contains all of the application’s code, assets, and manifest file. You can share Add-Ons that you create by attaching the IPK file in an email, listing it on your company’s website, or via social media. If you find an add-on that you like, you can install the IPK file from your mobile device with the iRoar Dashboard application. Just simply download the IPK file to your mobile device, and tap on the IPK file. This will open the iRoar Dashboard app with the new Add-On listed, ready for you to install.

Browse Add-ons

There are many fun and functional Add-Ons available in the iRoar SDK. You can browse the source code and learn how to build different functionalities for your Add-On.

Alarm Clock

alarmclockA standalone alarm clock.

Baby Lullaby

lullabyCalms your crying baby with your selected lullabies.


bedtimeSets a timer to turn your music off before bedtime.

Countdown Timer

countdowntimerAlerts you when the timer has counted down.


diceRolls a dice.

Famous Quotes

famousquotesStart your day with a famous quote.

Fun Facts

funfactsLearn something new from these interesting facts.

Guitar Tuner

guitartunerPlays guitar notes as pitch references while you tune.


jukeboxShake to listen to your favorite songs.


metronomeA metronome for music practice.

Monsters Rally

monster rallyHangout with your monster friends.

Motion Alert

motion alertSounds an alarm when movement is detected.

Nature – Jungle

nature-jungleListen to the natural sounds of the wilderness.

Nature – Ocean

nature-oceanListen to the sounds of ocean waves

Nature – Rain

nature-rainListen to the relaxing sounds of rain.

Party Parrots

party-parrotMeet Harry and friends, your own talking birds.


pedometerCounts the number of steps.

Smart Recorder

smart-recorderAutomatically records when sound is detected.

Voice Lab

voicelabChange your voice as you inhale different gases.

How do I start?

Unable to find any add-on that matches your needs or wants? You can create your own! It’s easy to get started. Download the free SDK and join our iRoar community today!