Welcome new developer! Creating your first Add-On or Companion Product for the iRoar is easy, whether you are an experienced developer or a beginner. Follow our step by step guide to get you setup and building with the iRoar Development Kits as fast as possible!


First Steps

Register to download the free iRoar SDK. The SDK contains the tools required to build and run Add-Ons. In addition, it contains source code for sample Add-Ons.

Download the iRoar SDK

The Basics of an iRoar Application

An Add-On is an application running on iRoar. Start by understanding the basics such as the application lifecycle.

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What Programming Language do I Need to Know?

The applications running on the iRoar are programmed using a C-like language. Before you start, familiarize yourself with the language syntax.

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Build your First Application

Let's start by learning how to build, debug and run the Hello World application.

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What Else Can I Build?

Learn more about building applications such as the Countdown Timer by following our step-by-step tutorial.

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API Reference

Check out all the APIs available for the development of an iRoar application.

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First Steps

Join our mailing list and be one of the first to be notified when the iRoar DDK is available.

The kit includes the docking printed circuit board (PCB) and documentation required to build your companion product.


The Docking PCB

By configuring the docking PCB, the iRoar can be programmed to send audio to your companion product or receive audio from it.

Powering the PCB is simple, you can set up the iRoar to power it, or use your own power supply. Learn more from the documentation provided in the iRoar DDK.

What Can I Make?

When the iRoar is programmed to receive audio, your product could stream music from sources such as MP3 players or online services to the iRoar.

Alternatively, the iRoar can send audio to the docking PCB whereby you could process it.

Build your own chassis

These drawings enable you to build a chassis where you can dock the iRoar and house the docking PCB.